Monday, September 5, 2016

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

What is it for?

This product promotes natural-looking coverage while providing sun protection, treating dark spots, and preventing wrinkles.

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.

Active Ingredients:

camomile extract, rosemary extract, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, gatuline RC

To look at the full list of ingredients, its function for each, and its safety/irritant levels go ahead and click on this website:


  1. Start off with one pump of product on back of hand.
  2. Dot BB cream all over face.
  3. Use hands, brush, or sponge to blend out.
  4. Use more BB cream if more coverage is desired.


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream comes with 50mL of product and has SPF 42 and PA+++ protection from UV rays. The 50mL comes with a pump, which is great for keeping things sanitary. This is one of the most popular BB creams that Missha sells and it has the most variety in terms of skin tones, 5 to be exact! Most Korean BB creams will just have 1 or 2 shades. It's much easier to find the right tone w/ this BB cream compared to other brands.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 27 Package
My hand without any product
One pump of BB cream
Swatch of BB cream
Over the years, I've tried a few methods of applying this BB cream on my face: my hands, a buffing brush, and a face sponge. For me personally, I like using my real techniques face sponge. I feel like applying it w/ the sponge makes it blend into my skin easier and gives a more natural looking finish. Using my hands or a buffing brush tend  to make the BB cream sit on top of my skin and I ran the risk of a streakier application.

Blended with fingers

Blended with sponge

There is a slight fragrance to the BB cream, it kind of has a perfume old lady smell to it. However, after applying it, the scent doesn’t linger.  The coverage is buildable, but is medium at best and the finish is on the dewy side. I have slightly oily combo skin, so I tend to set this w/ a mattifying powder.  On hotter days, I will get oily faster and will find myself having to reapply powder. The staying power is fairly good. I tend to wear this for about 6-8 hours on a typical day and my skin still looks decent.

Currently, I am using the color No 27, Honey Beige. However I have used No 21 and 23 because I used to be lighter. Something to note from my previous experience w/ the lighter colors. They tend to have a greyish cast to it when you first apply it to you face, but the BB cream does oxidize and that grey cast goes away. I experienced this w/ No 21 and 23, but not No 27.

The cost can vary depending on where you get the BB cream. On and, they sale it for $22.00. When I buy my BB cream, I typically buy it on ebay or Amazon for around $13.00.

I have repurchased this BB cream and will continue to! I do highly recommend this BB cream. It has good coverage and a great shade selection. I think it looks fairly natural (depending on the method of application) and long lasting.


*wider color selection
*good coverage
*SPF protection
*packaging comes with pump, making it more sanitary
*can get too dewy/oily for oily/combo skin
*scent can bother those who are sensitive to smell

Just wanted to note that the products I review are all purchased with my own money, unless I state otherwise. If you do use any of these products, please do so at your discretion as the results will vary depending on the person and their skin type.  I am in no way responsible for the results or outcome if you decide to try any of the products I recommend. These reviews are my 100% honest thoughts. Please don't be offended if I didn't like a product that you happen to love. What may work or not work for me, may be totally different from you.

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