Monday, October 10, 2016

Banilla Co. Clean It Zero

What is it for?

To clean and remove makeup, dirt, and impurities.

Active Ingredients:

Papaya, acerola, and herbal extracts

To look at the full list of ingredients, its function for each, and its safety/irritant levels go ahead and click on this website:


  1. Use spactula and scoop up pea size amount.
  2. Massage balm all over skin.
  3. Rinse with luke warm water and pat dry.
  4. Follow up with water based cleanser.


There are a few different types of the Banilla Co Clean it Zero, but I'm reviewing the original. The original has a pink cap and comes in a tub of 100mL. Because of the packaging, it might not feel like it's sanitary, but it does comes with its own spatula to scoop out the product.

Banilla Co. Clean it Zero
There is a floral fragrance, but it isn't overbearing or overpowering. It smells quite pleasant. The product is a white solid balm that melts into a softer consistency when you massage it into your skin and the makeup on your face starts to dissolve away.  I love that I don't have to be too rough or scrub my skin too hard in order to take off my makeup. It pretty much removes all my makeup with ease. However, I notice that I do have to work a little harder and spend more time when removing my eye or waterproof makeup, but again I don't ever feel like I'm being extremely rough on my skin. However, a word of caution be careful when using this over your eyes, if a lot of the product gets in your eye, it could cause your vision to be blurry or get mildly irritated.
Spatula is included
When you begin to wash off the balm it transforms into a milky and watery consistency. It rinses right off without any problems and after towel drying, my skin feels fresh, clean, and smooth. This also doesn't dry my face out. I have read some complaints about there being a sticky residue when using this product by itself. However, this isn't meant to be used as a stand alone product. I never use this a stand alone product, and I ALWAYS follow this with a water based cleanser.
Scoop of product
Makeup swatches on hand from top to bottom: BB cream, eyeliner, matte liquid lipstick, lipgloss, lipstick, and concealer
Rubbing the product into the hand. It all came off relatively easy.

Hand after rinsing off everything with water
I really love using this product in my double cleanse system. I feel like it's gentle on the skin and removes most, if not all of my make up before my cleansing step. This will definitely be a hard product to beat, but I'm going to test out a few other cleansing balms/oils and compare how they hold up to the Banilla Co. But I definitely recommend this, if you haven't tried it you should!


*gentle on the skin
*very effective at removing makeup
*doesn't dry out skin
*can be unsanitary because of packaging
*can cause temporary blurred vision/irritation if a lot of product gets into eyes

Just wanted to note that the products I review are all purchased with my own money, unless I state otherwise. If you do use any of these products, please do so at your discretion as the results will vary depending on the person and their skin type.  I am in no way responsible for the results or outcome if you decide to try any of the products I recommend. These reviews are my 100% honest thoughts. Please don't be offended if I didn't like a product that you happen to love. What may work or not work for me, may be totally different from you.

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