Friday, March 23, 2018

Holika Holika Prime Youth Bird's Nest Gold Moisture Cream and Gold Leaf Cream

What is it for?

A moisturizer for whitening and wrinkle care

Active Ingredients:

Swiftlet Nest Extract, Gold

To look at the full list of ingredients, its function for each, and its safety/irritant levels go ahead and click on this website:

For Bird's Nest Gold Moisture Cream: I tried to look up this product at, but couldn't find it listed.

For Bird's Nest Gold Leaf Cream:


Gold Moisture Cream:
  1. Take desired amount with spatula
  2. Use fingers and dab around face
  3. Gently use hands to massage product onto skin

Gold Leaf Cream:
  1. Use spatula to scoop both cream and gold particles
  2. Use warmth of hands to melt product
  3. Apply to face while massaging


I got this from my visit to Korea last year. I was shopping at Holika Holika and this caught my eye. I really wanted to try a skincare product that contained bird's nest because I heard that it's beneficial and good for the skin. For those of you who don't know what exactly bird's nest is, they are nests that are made up of solidified saliva from birds known as the edible-nest swiftlets.  Bird's nest typically helps with skin and tissue repair and can help with one's complexion.

At the store, they were having a BOGO promotion on this product. The sales associate at the store told me that the white jar was for the day time and the blue jar was for the night. In total, both products came out to be around $55.00. As you'll see below the sets are  beautiful, elegant, and lux. Each box set came with the Gold Moisture Cream (white package) or Gold Leaf Cream (blue package), a spatula, and an additional two travel size Gold Moisture Creams. 

There is 55mL of product in both the Gold Moisture Cream and Gold Leaf Cream. They are placed in a glass jar with a shiny gold top. The Gold Moisture Cream is the day cream contained in the white packaging. The cream had visible gold flecks that easily absorbed into the skin. The cream helped moisturize and hydrate my skin, but aside from that I didn't see any other drastic changes to my skin. There is floral scent to product, which was fine and pleasant. However, the floral scent is overpowered by an alcohol-like scent. Due to that reason alone, I really didn't enjoy the using the product.  Overall, it worked fine as a moisturizer, but I wasn't super impressed with this moisturizer, especially for the price.

The Gold Leaf Cream was different from the Gold Moisture Cream. On the very top of the moisturizer, there is a layer of gold foil. On the bottom of the gold foil, there is a thick solid white cream. Using the spatula you're supposed to scrape both the cream and gold foil and melt them together with your fingers. I was worried that the cream was going to be too heavy because it has a waxy kind of feel/consistency, but it softens very easily and applies to the face very smoothly and evenly, like a normal face cream. It smells similar to the Gold Moisture Cream, but does not have a strong alcohol scent. I found that this cream was perfect for the night. The consistency was enough to keep my skin nicely hydrated throughout the night, but it didn’t feel greasy or oily.

Overall, I think these work fine as moisturizers, but it didn't seem like my skin picked up any other benefits. I really wouldn't recommend these products. The packaging was beautiful and felt lux, but I have used other creams that are much more affordable and work a lot better.


*elegant packaging
*moisturized and hydrated skin
*easily absorbed into skin
*for Gold Lead Cream, a little goes a long way
*expensive (I got this as buy one get one, normally each moisturizer is sold as $55 USD individually)
*didn't make any changes aside from hydrating face
*Gold Moisture Cream had overwhelming alcohol-like scent

Just wanted to note that the products I review are all purchased with my own money, unless I state otherwise. If you do use any of these products, please do so at your discretion as the results will vary depending on the person and their skin type.  I am in no way responsible for the results or outcome if you decide to try any of the products I recommend. These reviews are my 100% honest thoughts. Please don't be offended if I didn't like a product that you happen to love. What may work or not work for me, may be totally different from you.

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