Friday, March 9, 2018

Riley Rose: First Visit and Haul

Today, I'm going to write about my first experience at Riley Rose in Glendale Galleria. I first heard about this from  one of my favorite Youtubers, Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown. It seems like she collaborates often with Riley Rose. See her video here. Basically, she gave a tour around Riley Rose and what caught my eye was that this store had a large variety of Korean beauty/makeup products. Being that it’s kind of difficult to find a physical locale that has Korean beauty/makeup products in the Valley, I knew I had to visit this store!

Riley Rose Store Front

If you don’t know, Riley Rose was created by Forever 21's daughters Linda and Ester Chang. I really didn't know about this until after visiting the store. It make sense to me now that this was created from Forever 21 because I would explain the style and aesthetics as a mash up between Forever 21 and Sephora. 

Forever 21 Vibes
The store is bright and quite spacious. There is a ton of things to look at and shop around for, but everything is organized nicely so it doesn’t feel cluttered. There is a little something for everyone including: makeup (both American and Korean/Asian brands), skin care, hair care, stationary, home goods, and sweets/candy.

Super cute vanity set up!
Useful tips and tricks!

Sugar section

Home goods

Hair section

In terms of Korean/Asian brands, they definitely have a great selection with some brand I've heard of and some I'm completely not familiar with. Some brands you can expect at the store include: Missha, Tony Moly, CosRx, Banilla Co, Peripera, Ettang, Elizavecca, etc.

Brands: Tony Moly and Ettang

Loads of different masks: lip, nose, and face masks.

I ended up buying things I've never used or heard before. Here are the things that I hauled:

Haul from Riley Rose

Banilla Co Hi Bye Vita-Peel Clear Pad $21.00
Blossom (infused with real flowers) roll-on perfume oil : Honey Jasmine $7.00
Jay Jun Cosmetic Anti-Dust Therapy Mask $3.20
Jay Jun Cosmetic Anti-Dust Whitening Mask $3.20
Jay Jun Cosmetic Full of Water Cream $36.00

Because I bought more than $50.00 worth of items, I got a free silver cosmetic bag which included a H2O+ Beauty Sea Greens Body Butter and a Lapcos Milk Moisturing Mask. It was a pleasant bonus!

I was very happy with my first trip and I will definitely be going back! I usually buy my Kbeauty things online and I will continue to do so. However, I do like the convenience of going to a physical store because I can swatch and look at the products in person. It's really nice to be able to feel, smell, and see an item so I cant get a better understanding if it's something I really wanna spend my money on. It's also nice to get the item immediately and not have to wait for shipping.

If you can, I definitely recommend dropping by a Riley Rose store near you. If you can't they do have a website you can order off of:

This is not sponsored! I bought everything with my own money and I genuinely wanted to write a review about this store.

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