Friday, March 16, 2018

Missha: M Dewy Glossy Eyes

This post will be dedicated to Missha's M Dewy Glossy Eyes. Essentially, they're cream eye shadows full of glitter. These eye shadows are supposed to give a glossy/dewy shimmery look. I love a glittery look, so I bought the entire range. The range comes in 6 shades: Berry Smoothie (J17P07), French Pie (I09P06), Grape Candy (J18P05), Honey Roast (H25P07), Orange Pekoe (H23P06), White Beach (H24P06).

Packaging looks cute!
Each shadow costs about $12.00 on the Missha US website. However, because I have a "VIP" membership (which means you spend $100 within a calender year), I get products for 30% off. So in the end it cost me about $8.40 per eyeshadow.

The packaging is beige and gold with a clear top. It is definitely beautiful and lux looking/feeling. The eyeshadows have a bouncy and creamy consistency.

Berry Smoothie

French Pie

Grape Candy

Honey Roast

Orange Pekoe

White Beach

While applying these shadows, I found that it was best to use my finger. It very difficult to pick up product with a brush . As you can see from the swatches, these shadows are not super pigmented, but does pack a glittery punch.

Swatched from top to bottom: Berry Smoothie, French Pie, Grape Candy, Honey Roast,
Orange Pekoe,and White Beach

In the end, as excited as I was for these shadows, I was left disappointed. The shadows creased, faded, and moved around on my eyes, even when I used eye primer. They just didn't perform well for me and I would not recommend them. If you want an impactful and glittery look, I'd actually recommend the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes instead. They're cheaper and perform much better than this M Dewy Glossy Eyes line.

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